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Bad Weather Policy

We're thrilled to have your camper join us this summer! For those attending our outdoor camps, here's important information about weather-related changes.  Please read it carefully:

Before the start of camp, if there is a light drizzle, we will continue outside with our camp program.  If however, we face heavier weather, we might need to adjust our plans. If it’s pouring rain before camp begins and it looks like it will last all day, we will cancel camp and notify parents by 8 am. If the forecast shows rain ending early, camp will continue, and parents can decide whether to send their campers.  Please inform us if you do not intend to bring your camper on a particular day.

During camp if unexpected rain starts, campers will take cover in their designated tents. If the rain continues for more than an hour, we’ll need to cancel the rest of the camp day, and parents will be asked to pick up their children within 1 hour.

In the case of severe weather during camp, campers will be moved to the overhang and changing rooms for safety until conditions improve (30 minutes after the last sign of lightning or thunder). If we must end the camp early due to extreme weather, parents will be contacted promptly to arrange pickup within 1 hour.

Parents are encouraged to use their best judgment about sending their children to camp on days with potential bad weather. Please inform us if your child will be late or absent to ensure accurate attendance records. Early pickups must be signed out.


We do not provide refunds for weather-related cancellations. Instead, you will receive a credit that can be applied to future camps or any of our programs, valid for use within a year.

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